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HXJ110 Off-shore Worover Rig

Modular structure is adopted for the base, which is divided into drill floor and lower base. 

Product Introduction

1. The offshore workover rig has diesel engine, dc, ac, hydraulic and compound driving modes.Diesel engine efi engine selects the caterpillar dangerous environment, suction/exhaust, control system with explosion-proof modification, satisfying a Ⅱ explosion-proof requirements, transmission case choose allison hydraulic transmission box, reasonable matching, high transmission efficiency, easy to control.

2. Modular structure is adopted for the base, which is divided into drill floor and lower base. The platform deck has longitudinal sliding rail and the upper part of lower base has transverse sliding rail, which can achieve longitudinal and transverse movement and meet the requirements of platform cluster well operation.

3. The drilling platform, base, derrick, winch, driller's room, power unit, high-pressure manifold, solid control system, well control system and other equipment of the workover rig are designed with modular design, and the third-party product inspection certificate is obtained to meet the classification requirements of offshore platforms.

4. The drawworks adopts a single drum structure, the main brake is a hydraulic disc brake (single or double disc), and the auxiliary brake is a push-disc (water-cooled) or clamp-disc (air-cooled) pneumatic brake.

5. The mast adopts tower derrick or two-section set mast mast derrick, hydraulic cylinder lifting and stretching, the derrick body structure is treated with hot dip zinc or hot spray aluminum, and the outer surface is coated with Marine anti-corrosion paint.

6. The offshore workover rig has high reliability, strong wind resistance, good anti-corrosion performance, high explosion-proof requirements, zero emission of pollutants, and meets the requirements of offshore workover operation.

7. Classification society certification can be obtained according to user requirements, such as CCS, DNV, BV, etc.

Product Parameters
Max Hook Load (kN)1100
Nominal Drilling Depth (114mm)m3500
Drawworks Power (kW)354
Wireline dia.(mm)26
Mast height (m)29, 31
Max hook speed (m/s)1.5
substructure height (m)≥5.5
RT hole dia.(mm)444.5
Main brakeband and disc brake
auxiliary brake224WCB, pneumatic disc brake
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