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Nanyang RG Petro-Machinery Group Co.,Ltd.(RG) has conducted oil equipment and civilian equipment test, calibration of inspection, supervision services, its Nanyang Third Party Oil&Gas Equipment Technology Company(Nanyang Third Party) is a enterprise of technical service, testing, checking, supervision, supervision of calibration and other services.

Nanyang Third Party Company has China certification and accreditation regulatory commission inspection qualification examination organization (CMA)" determination, conformity assessment in China national approval committee "(CNAS) laboratory accreditation", the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine approved "special equipment inspection agencies (NDT)" qualification, has set up a complete, rigorous, efficient quality management control system, has the abundant oil and gas drilling equipment quality inspection ability, supervision, supervision and evaluation of oilfield equipment on-site rapid inspection test and assessment ability and strength,It is not only the first testing institution in the oil and gas equipment manufacturing industry to obtain widely recognized testing qualification both internationally and domestically, but also the most comprehensive and professional third-party testing technology service institution in the field of oil and gas drilling equipment.

The predecessor of Nanyang Third Party Company is the laboratory of Nanyang RG Group, which was founded in 1969. Now, the company has more than 100 professional technicians and inspection and testing personnel of various kinds. 90% of the personnel have a college degree or above, and 76% of the senior professionals.Among them, there are 6 professor-level senior engineers, 5 registered equipment supervisors of general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, and 2 registered safety engineers.

Nanyang Third Party company has a professional quality inspection team and complete testing methods. It has built three large-scale comprehensive test fields of oil drilling equipment with the maximum test load of 10000kN, and has comprehensive test capacity of complete drilling equipment of 12000m.The laboratory has nine professional testing rooms with fixed assets of more than 20 million yuan, 23 sets of advanced large inspection and testing equipment and facilities at home and abroad, and more than 800 sets of other inspection and testing instruments and equipment. The building area is 2062 square meters, and the area of constant temperature and humidity is 492 square meters.

Nanyang Third Party company, with the enterprise spirit of "pragmatic integrity, open competition, learning innovation and pursuit of excellence", is committed to the construction of "objective, fair, accurate and efficient" comprehensive technical service capacity of mechanical and electrical equipment quality control, inspection and testing and equipment supervision.Can provide customers with chemical composition analysis, microstructure analysis, mechanical property test, the metrological verification, material conformity assessment procedure qualification, special process, dynamic balance testing, special equipment inspection testing (NDT), oil and gas field of oil drilling equipment bearing structure (mast, base and rotating lifting equipment) ability to assess, oil and gas equipment oil field loading test and examination, mechanical and electrical equipment supervision, supervision and other professional and technical services, efforts to provide customers with technical service and create value.

Service Range
Oil and gas drilling and workover equipment complete machine and main component equipment field test +

6.1 Land drilling and workover equipment

6.2 Offshore drilling and servicing equipment

6.3 The main components include mast, substructure, drawworks hook, faucet, rotary table, spreader, oil wire rope, mud pump, mud high-pressure pipe and liquid gas system

Supervision of mechanical and electrical equipment +

5.1 Design, manufacture, commissioning test and storage and transportation supervision of drilling equipment in oil and gas fields

5.2 Special vehicle and equipment design, manufacture, commissioning test storage and transportation process supervision

5.3 Mechanical and electrical equipment design, manufacture, debugging test storage and transportation process supervision

5.4 Process supervision related to cost, safety and environment

Special equipment inspection and testing (non-destructive testing) +

4.1 Nondestructive testing in special equipment manufacturing process

• Special equipment with steel plate ultrasonic testing (UT)

• Special equipment with forgings and infiltration of the seamless pipe (PT), magnetic particle (MT), ultrasonic testing (UT)

• Special equipment of weld visual inspection (VT), seepage (PT), magnetic particle (MT), ultrasonic (UT), radiographic testing (RT)

4.2 NDT with special equipment in using

• In using special equipment appearance check (regular online check)

• General inspection of special equipment in use (stop inspection)

Test, verify and confirm +

3.1 Oil and gas equipment performance test and verification

3.2 Type test and confirmation of oil and gas equipment

3.3 Electrical test and validation of oil and gas equipment

3.4 Hydraulic pneumatic system test and verification (function and pressure test)

3.5 Pressure test and verification of manifold system (high and low pressure cycle test)

Factory quality control +

2.1 Factory inspection, inspection and comprehensive performance test of mechanical equipment

2.2 Nondestructive flaw detection, load test and stress test of metal structure parts

Material performance testing and evaluation +

Executive Standards: ISO,ASTM,ASME,API,GB,GJB,SY,JB,YB etc.

1.1 Chemical analysis of metal and mineral products

1.2 Microstructure analysis of metal materials

1.3 Mechanical properties of metallic materials are tested

1.4 Comprehensive evaluation of metal material quality

1.5 Low temperature performance test and evaluation of metallic and non-metallic materials

1.6 Assessment of environmental adaptability of materials

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