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Leader's Speech

Create an internationally renowned brand and build a first-class enterprise in the industry

Our mission is to supply the first-class equipment and best services to the petroleum industry of China and the World. Our vision is to create a world-famous brand and to establish a top industrial enterprise. To fulfill the mission and achieve the vision, the company requires every employee to love the motherland, the company and the post, firmly believe that the company we strive for would take an increasingly important position in the field of petroleum equipment manufacturing in the world, and promote the achievement of our vision through our efforts. The common mission and vision also require all employees adhere to solidarity, cooperation and struggling jointly. Those without sense of responsibility, not good at cooperation and struggling jointly will lose a lot of opportunities for their promotions in RG Petro-Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd.  

Studying and Innovation is one of the core enterprise spirits of our company. To survive and develop in the condition of economic globalization, our company and every employee must strengthen the awareness of studying and innovation, and constantly enhance the ability and quality of the company and individuals to adapt to competition and get improved through studying. The company encourages every employee to innovate based on the post under the principles to improve work efficiency, work quality and competitiveness. The innovation process may be accompanied by risks and uncertainties, and we allow mistakes or even failures therein, but do not accept lockstep, unwillingness to move forward, gutlessness or reluctance to vigorously explore and innovate for fear of mistakes and failures.

Every employee must follow various rules and regulations of the company. “Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards.” Following rules is the foundation and assurance to achieve our company’s development goals. In real life, the company’s rules and management may be imperfect to a certain extent. The company will continue to amend and make them more rational and perfect, but before the formal changes, all employees must strictly follow them.


The company performs the principle of “Reward according to one’s contribution”, which has been popular and accepted by most employees. The company insists on executing the same standards to measure and treat every employee, strives to create an equal, fair, honest and harmonious working and life environment, and provides an impartial competition platform and advancement opportunities. Opportunities always favor those who work in a down-to-earth manner, so every employee needs to rely on actual talent and efforts to get better and faster development. Therefore, every employee shall cherish the current post, diligently accomplish the current work assignments, and seize every opportunity provided by the company. Every work and opportunity is important for employees to grow and progress.


When evaluating employees, the company values the level of skills and pays the same attention to the conduct. To achieve a continuous, healthy and stable development, the company needs to cultivate a large number of employees with good conduct, high skills and integrity. Being loyal and trustworthy is the basic moral requirement for employees. The company encourages every employee to enhance professional ethics, social ethics and family ethics and strive to become a dedicated employee in the company, a law-abiding and noble citizen in the society, and a responsible, caring family member who respects the old and cherishes the young and is full of respect and love for the family at home. The company stresses the employees’ sense of family responsibility because it is the basic requirement for employees and it is very hard for one who is unable or unwilling to take responsibility for family member to genuinely assume responsibility for the society or the company.   

At all times and in all over the world, all the great achievers never have been tempted by short-term interests. In its development process, the company wants every employee, especially young employees, to build lofty ideals and broad minds, not be tempted by petty profits or immediate gains and losses, but to closely connect own career design to the company’s development and organically integrate own personal pursuit and the company’s vision, to promote the realization of the company’s vision through efficient performance of own duties, and to realize life values in the development process of the company.

Just as the saying goes, “Hop like a fish in the sea, fly like a bird across the sky”. The time gives the company broad space for development with which the company offers a wide platform for employees to display their talents. In the historical process of the company’s development, let’s jointly promote the company’s good continuous development and compose a glorious chapter together.