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Service Concept

High - level, all - round, whole - process market service system

The company has set up a special after-sales service organization to provide customers with excellent after-sales service.We have set up specialized after-sales service companies, parts warehouse and overhaul joint venture in various oil fields across the country. From equipment installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance to training and consultation, we have formed a high-level, all-around and whole-process market service system.

The development of the market puts forward higher requirements for product quality and service.After-sales service is the last link in our work. We have established professional service companies and parts warehouses in shengli, dagang, liaohe, daqing, north China, zhongyuan, northwest oil field etc. We have a professional service team with excellent technology and familiar business, providing services on site.We guarantee that we can provide prompt and timely after-sales service wherever our equipment is available.In China, we guarantee 24-hour all-weather service. In foreign countries, we fully follow international practices and do a good job in after-sales service.Within the warranty period, any design, manufacturing quality problems, free to provide services;Timely provide complete sets of accessories, maintenance and service as well as technical training.We are willing to create the best economic benefits for the users with the rapid and timely excellent service, and help the friends to succeed with the first-class technology and the first-class quality.


RG GROUP After-sales service specification

1. After-sales service concept

Once the contract is formed, we will establish a service station, namely into an endless after-sales service, we will provide user needs accurate ordering parts and needed to provide users with all kinds of services, have the duty, have the responsibility to answer questions from the customer at any time and we will provide users with information, training, guide installation, commissioning, service activities such as tracking service.

2. Purpose of after-sales service

"Quality first, customer first".

3. After-sales service policy

Make sure that any equipment sold by our factory is in good condition.

4. After-sales service target

Make every user satisfied with us, users satisfied with our every service.

5. After-sales service requirements

(1) After the contract is formed, we set up specialized services in the user, from the installation and debugging of drilling rig to run, we should give enough attention, and the users of our products are free training, system specification for operation, maintenance and management personnel training, the operation and maintenance experience without reservation to teach users, ensure that the equipment put into use in time.

(2) During the warranty period, we will visit customers regularly to understand the operation status of the equipment, inspect the equipment, eliminate potential risks, guide users to repair and maintain the equipment, and timely put forward our Suggestions, so as to ensure the efficient, low-cost and trouble-free operation of each equipment.

(3) Once failure occurs, we will respond immediately, on the one hand, telephone or fax processing quickly, on the other hand we will upon receiving notice from the service, in case the traffic conditions allow, 12 hours arrived at the scene, traffic conditions are not allowed to place, 24 hours to reach the customers, to ensure all-weather service, arrived at the scene immediately after processing, record customer comments at the same time, as long as the customer request is reasonable, is unconditional.

(4) In order to reduce the storage cost of spare parts of the customer to a possible low level, we will keep all kinds of spare parts and vulnerable parts. Once the customer is in urgent need of a certain part, we will send it to the user from the service station or parts library in the fastest way.During the warranty period, we will provide non-consumable parts for free and bear the labor, transportation or transportation costs incurred.

Based on the principle of "quality first and customer first", we have established a professional team with excellent technology and business familiarity. With excellent service and enterprise reputation, we provide technical consultation and maintenance services in a timely and rapid manner to ensure the normal use of oilfield users' products.

In order to guarantee the quality of product manufacturing and assembly and design performance, all the equipment produced by our company has passed the strict factory inspection and test. The guarantee period of product quality is one year and the whole life provides technical service and parts supply.During the warranty period, due to problems in product manufacturing and assembly quality, repair parts and services are provided free of charge. Besides the warranty period, or problems caused by the user's failure to operate according to the instructions, our company is responsible for providing technical services free of charge and providing parts in a timely manner. The cost of parts shall be borne by the user.