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RG PETRO-MACHINERY GROUP CO. LTD. the new upgrade website is online! ! !

2018.12.26 2119 Font Size A- A A+

In late December 2018, after nearly a year of organization, planning and preparation, the official website of nanyang no.2 aircraft petroleum equipment group co., ltd. was upgraded and revised.

The updated official website is richer in content and more beautiful in appearance. The specific features are as follows:

1. The official website has been upgraded in five directions: visual upgrade, technical upgrade, interactive experience, product marketing and background upgrade.

2. The brand image is more prominent, which provides a good communication platform for the company to promote its products to the international market

3. The product classification is clearer and the search efficiency is improved

4. The website pages and sections are more abundant, and the company's advantageous products are mainly introduced

5. The website realizes multi-terminal browsing, and supports synchronous browsing of computers, pad and mobile phones, making management more convenient.

6. Multilingual website is more convenient for customers at home and abroad to browse.



The upgraded and revised website has placed the good wishes of every employee. I believe that through this more international communication platform and the unremitting efforts of employees, the company will surely achieve sustainable development