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Nanyang RG Group passed the technical review of two industry standards under the responsibility of the truck-mounted equipment department

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Recently, the national standardization technical committee 2017 oil drilling equipment and tools for the second time standard panel convened by the Nanyang RG Group of on-board equipment service department is responsible for the oil and gas drilling equipment trailer drilling and workover machines ", in the development of the oil and gas drilling equipment nitrogen making two industry standard by the expert review in the meeting.

More than 40 leaders and experts from China national petroleum corporation, sinopec and other related units attended the meeting.

The experts at the meeting listened to the introduction of the main drafters of the standards on the preparation process of the standards, carried out a careful and meticulous review of the two standards submitted for review, affirmed the technical content of the standards and put forward Suggestions for revision.

The meeting held that the standard review submitted by the standards drafting group was complete, accurate and in line with the examination regulations. The overall quality of the standard text was good and the review was unanimously approved.In the later stage, the two standards will be revised according to the expert opinions, and the standard will be submitted for approval.

In the review of two standards, industry standards of the oil and gas drilling equipment hitched to drilling rigs and workover rig is responsible for clips group, by BAOMCO, Sichuan Honghua, SJ and other six units in the development together, the main provisions of the trailer terms and definitions of drilling and workover machines, product type, model, basic parameters, configuration requirements, technical requirements, testing and documentation, mark, the factory, storage, packaging and transportation, etc. The main content.