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 Drilling floor, rotary table and transmission system can be selected as required or customized.

Product Introduction

1. The truck mounted workover rig is driven by diesel engine, with reasonable power matching, high transmission efficiency, high reliability, compact structure, high degree of assembly and small footprint.

2. The heavy-duty chassis specially used for petroleum is equipped with hydraulic power steering system, which has good mobility, off-road and transverse stability.

3. The main brake adopts belt brake or hydraulic disc brake, and the auxiliary brake adopts pneumatic push-disc brake, pneumatic clamp disc brake or water brake.

4. The mast set with two sections at the front opening, tilting forward or standing upright, lifting and stretching of the hydraulic cylinder, and is equipped with wind tight rope and anti-overturn tight rope.

5. The rotary table drive system can realize the positive rotation, reverse rotation, suspension and disconnection of the rotary table, and is equipped with the reverse torque release device to ensure the safe release of the rotary table drilling string torque.

6. The drilling floor adopts the telescopic or spiral lifting structure, the floating platforms on both sides can be turned over, and the sledding can be hoisted and transported. Table height, size, layout can be customized.Optional light work table as required.

7. Drilling floor, rotary table and transmission system can be selected as required or customized.

Product Parameters
Max hook load  (kN)1800
Rated hook load  (kN)1500
Nominal Workover depth (73 mm) m8000
Engine Power (kW)403×2
Lines8, 10
Wireline dia  (mm)32
Mast Height (m)36, 38
Max hood speed (m/s)1.5
Substructure height  (m)6, 7, 7.5
RT hole dia. (mm)698.5
Main brakeband and disc brake
auxiliary brake324WCB
carrier modelXD70/14×8
Min ground clearance  (mm)311
Min diameter of turning circle (m)41
emission standard国V
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