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The substructure is in the form of spiral lift, double lift, box stacked, telescopic and so on.

Product Introduction

1. Drilling rig drive can be divided into mechanical drive, alternating current drive, direct current drive, compound drive and other forms, with reasonable power matching, high transmission efficiency and reliability.The machine layout is reasonable, the use of standardized, modular design, a variety of combinations of versatility, interchangeability, high degree of integration, installation, transport fast.

2. The derrick structure is in the form of type A, type K, etc., which is assembled in sections, connected by bolts or pin shafts. The lifting is divided into vertical lifting in sections or overall rotating lifting, and equipped with buffer device in place to ensure stable and safe positioning.

3. The substructure is in the form of spiral lift, double lift, box stacked, telescopic and so on.

4. The main brake adopts band brake or hydraulic disc brake, the auxiliary brake adopts pneumatic water-cooled push-disk brake, electromagnetic eddy current brake, or the auxiliary brake is made by energy consumption braking of ac frequency conversion motor.

5. Rotary table drive is divided into combined mechanical drive and independent ac or dc drive, which can realize the positive rotation, reverse, suspension, release of the rotary table, equipped with reverse torque release device, to ensure the safe release of rotary table drilling string torque.

6. Complete peripheral equipment such as solid control, well control, high-pressure pipe manifold, electronic control system, mud pump group, oil and water tank, etc.Modular design, standardized interface, can be arbitrary matching, can be customized.

Product Parameters
Max Hook Load  (kN)1800
Nominal Drilling Depth(114 mm)m1600~3000
Drawworks Power (kW)410~710
Wire line Dia, (mm)29,32
Mast height m33,41,43
Max hook speed (m/s)1.5
Substructure height (m)5,6
RT Hole Dia. (mm)520.7,698.5
Main Brakeband and disc brake
auxiliary brake324WCB,FDWS30
*Mud pump power hp×qty1000×2,1300×2
*engine power (kW)×qty402×2,810×3

* Recommended specification

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