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President Yang was invited to the United Arab Emirates to attend the opening ceremony of the company's water well drilling rig

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On October 27, the exported five Wells drilling rig in the united Arab emirates opening ceremony in the NDC base grandly held.

At the invitation of NDC President Dr. Abdalla Saeed Al Suwaidi, President Yang hanli, went to the uae NDC base to attend the commencement ceremony.Song gang, the deputy general manager of the company, the relevant person in charge of international trade company, the member of NDC project team and the service staff of our company attended the commencement ceremony.

This marks the completion of field installation and commissioning of the company's well drilling rig project and the beginning of the trial drilling stage.

On the same day, NDC held a demonstration meeting at the base. In separate speeches, President Yang hanli and President NDC affirmed the cooperation between the two sides and expressed the desire to continue the cooperation in the future. Afterwards, all the participants had a friendly talk and took a photo in front of the five well RIGS manufactured by the company. The picture shows President Yang and NDC President in front of the company's production of well drilling rig.