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Nanyang RG Group has passed the final examination of the end users

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Recently, the "offshore self-propelled remote control rig wellhead operating device" project developed by nanyang erji group passed the final inspection and acceptance organized by CNOOC research institute.

After a thorough discussion and study, the project review and acceptance expert group unanimously agreed that the project has completed the study contents stipulated in the contract, the research results submitted conform to the requirements of the contract, and the project has been approved for acceptance. This move marks the completion of another new product technology reserve of Nanyang RG Group, saving for the future development of the enterprise.

It is understood that the "offshore self-propelled remote control rig wellhead operation device" project is a scientific research project undertaken by Beijing RG Petro Tech.The project aims to develop a tool for the operation of the rig wellhead, which is applicable to the offshore platform, to realize the automatic rig up when blowout.The project took five months before and after the research and development, and passed the plan review, mid-term review, pre-acceptance and final review of the user organization successively.

During the project review, the experts of the audit team highly appraised RG Group's high level of research and development tasks in a short time.