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 The drive ways of these kinds of drilling rigs include mechanical drive, electrical drive (VFD or SCR), electro/mechanical drive and others.
 The compact skid modular structure is convenient for installation and transportation. It meets the requirement of entire moving structure and cluster well drilling. In addition, the drilling rig requires only a small working space due to its compact configuration.
 Mast structure types include A type, K type (telescopic vertical hoisting mast, entire hoisting mast), etc.
 The structure types of the substructure include swing-up, sling-shot, box-on-box, and telescoping etc.
 Band brakes or hydraulic disc brakes can be applied as the main brake; water cooling thrust plate pneumatic brake or FDWS brakes can be used as auxiliary brakes; the energy-consumption brake can be used as the AC variable frequency drive rig’s auxiliary brake.
 The drilling rigs adopt network and information technology as well as integrated design for the control, monitoring and display of power, air and hydraulics so as to realize intelligent and safe control of the driller.
 A standardization and modularization design and various methods of combining the design have been applied in order to increase the universality and exchangeability of the drilling rigs.
 The configurations of the solid control system, well control system, high-pressure pipe manifold system, generator house, pump engine house, doghouse and other auxiliary facilities can meet the different requirements of the end-users.
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