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  Customized rigs
  Since its establishment, our company has applied itself to putting forward innovative proposals that add real value to projects by reducing the cost of drilling   operations in gas & oil field.
  The rigs designed and fabricated by the company for all over the world in different working conditions from Siberia to Middle east, from Europe to Africa, from   Canada to Austria, from Amazon to India and Pakistan, from South American to Southeast Asia etc. 
  The rigs are customized made for different working conditions in the world. 
  Drilling system upgrade
  Our company has given its experience in fabricating high quality rigs for many drilling contractors in different areas of operation worldwide.
  You can trust us as the perfect partner in upgrading your equipment and preparing it to be fitted according to the job requirements.
  Rig inspection & refurbishment
  With many years of experience, our engineers are ideally qualified to inspect your rig and suggest necessary refurbishments in order to obtain acceptance and   approval from any oil company.
  We can provide you with complete rig certification in accordance with API. 
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