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  RG is committed to providing its customers with products and services of the highest quality and always viewed continuous improvement of company processes and complete satisfaction of customers’ needs as essential factors for standing out on the highly complex, competitive oil and gas market.
  We strive to systematically improve our processes, products and services in order to surpass the ever increasing expectations of value and quality. Customer focus, work process improvement measurement and a supportive work environment form the basic elements of our continuous improvement process.
  Quality System and HSE System are essential tools for achieving its business goals.

  - Acting in full compliance with national and international regulations and legislation applicable to the sector in which the company works. Acting also in full compliance with national legislation related to health, safety and environment protection.
  - Preventing any occurrence of pollution and environment damage.
  - Preventing any injury and disease due to work conditions.
  - Pursuing ongoing improvement of results through translation of the requirements of ISO, API Q1 into practices and operating procedures
  - Improving customer satisfaction with periodic checks, questionnaires and analysis of claims received, in order to translate the results obtained into goals for improvement of various processes
  - Keeping the quality of products and services, environmental, health and safety parameters under control through systematic monitoring and measurement
  - Promoting personnel education and training at all levels in the organisation
  - Measuring the performance of the Quality Management System and HSE Management System through analysis of figures and information returned by the company’s feedback system


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