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Oil tank truck

  Execution standard: QC/T653-2000
 The tank truck has separate compartments to load different oils or chemicals. Whatever is pumped in or out can be monitored through metering gauges. The tanks are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, inserted plasticized material and glass fiber reinforced plastic, and there are square, elliptical and round tanks. The oil pumps use self-sucking pumps and gear pumps. The oil meters use single-counting meters, double-counting meters or oil-add machines for tax control.
 This truck is jointly controlled by a liquid system, electrical system and air system with high automation and simple and safe operation. It looks great and is also well laid-out with fast unloading performance and less residue. It is environment-friendly and highly efficient.
 The Dongfeng EQ1290WJ 8×4 chassis has been selected. This chassis has a double turning front axle, double drive rear axle, good tyre wear, good traffic ability and a high carrying capacity.



Chassis model

Truck-self mass (lb)

Rated loading mass (lb)

Total mass (lb)

Overall dimension(ft)(L×W×H)

Oil Tank Truck








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