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Aerial device truck

  It is widely used in aerial operation in many fields such as street lamp repair, municipal works, airports, telecommunications, television stations, and petroleum drilling rigs. Its operational height is from 26ft to118ft. 
 The complete set of the upper level loading facility is imported from Italy. Its material is highly strengthened and cold drawing structural steel with high mechanical strength and light weight.
 With complete hydraulic proportional control, the operation is flexible, stable and reliable.
 This truck has multiple safety designs: with an arm limit protection device, the outrigger cannot operate until the arm withdraws. With the outrigger safety supporting device, it ensures excellent support. It is also equipped with outrigger and upper level operation interlocks to avoid incorrect operation. The glass fiber reinforced plastic bucket has excellent insulation with forced automatic leveling. The start/stop operation can be executed at high positions. With auxiliary power system, the bucket can be withdrawn safely when the engine is tripped off. The automatic amplitude-limiting device can prevent tilting accidents due to overload.
 It is convenient to use electrical tools when the AC electrical supply is connected.



Max. operation height  (ft)


Max. operation radius (ft)


Rated load of bucket (lb)


Turing angle


Max. raise angle of small arm (°)


Max. raise angle of lower arm( °)


Outrigger type

H type

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