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  The clutch is divided into a radial air-tube clutch and an axial push-plate clutch.
 (1) The radial air-tube clutch is a friction-type clutch using compressed air as power. It is designed to transfer large torque and change the rotary direction at fast speeds. The air-tube clutch can transfer a large amount of torque with smooth transmission; therefore, it is convenient for installation.
  The working temperature is about 20~60 degrees Celsius, and the working pressure is about100 psi~142 psi. The radial air-tube clutch is divided into common type and ventilation type in terms of its structural form.
 The common type clutch is used to transfer torque by air tube with a simple structure and convenient installation.
 The ventilation type clutch, with one set of radiation and energy storage devices added, can overcome the deficiencies that might occur on the normal type clutch.
 (2) The axial push-plate clutch is mainly used for industrial power transfer, and has a simple structure for convenient operation.
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