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  Chassis:The chassis used on the truck is a Dong Feng EQ1108KJ type cruise chassis with open doors at the side and rear of the truck. An electrical spray diesel engine (European III emission standard, 158HP) is utilized with a 4×2 drive for excellent cruise performance. The vehicle looks great and is well laid-out with its dual cabins and luxurious interior decoration. The operation cabin has an operation table with ample and comfortable working space. Drawworks cabin has hydraulic steel wire drawworks, hydraulic oil tank, electrically controlled hydraulic radiator, instrument rack, toolbox, tilting-type well site lamp and other devices. This type of truck is the optimum choice for well testing works in domestic oil fields.
 Drawworks System: It has a stepless speed-adjusting function. It doesn’t need to change drawworks speed through automobile gearbox shifting, and therefore the operation is simple, balanced and easy with low noise. The brake is equipped with an exterior-packed double-belt brake mechanism without a dead end. Hand brake devices and handling mechanisms are mounted in the operation cabin for flexible, convenient, safe and reliable operation. It is equipped with an automatic wire guider which can reduce labor intensity and worker force. The operator also can replace wire guider hangers according to steel wire sizes in order to meet different working requirements.
 Transmission System: The power is taken from the gearbox end for convenient operation. The hydraulic system utilizes a closed-circulation loop and volume variable stepless speed regulation. The SAUERDANFOSS90L75 variable oil pump and low speed big torque motors are produced by a China-Italy joint venture and have been used to form a closed loop, which has a large adjustable speed scope to meet the requirements of all kinds of working conditions. The system is equipped with safety valves and their pressure can be regulated and set freely. Overload protection is provided to maintain stable, simple and reliable operation.
 Wire Line Metering System: It mainly consists of sensors mounted on the wire guider and a metering panel mounted on the operation table. It is used to measure, display and set hole depth of the steel wires and steel wire pulling force on the drums. The metering panel can measure mechanical depth, electric depth, electric tension, and tension difference, and has a safety alarm for convenient and reliable operation.
 Electrical System: DC power on the chassis can be used to provide power for DC devices, and we can also use the external AC power which is equipped with display and electrical circuit protection devices to supply power to all auxiliary facilities in the vehicle.
 Color: Its color can be determined according to users’ requirements and interests.

Chassis model




24606.30(φ0.09〃 wireline )

Hoisting capacity (Ibf)


Hoisting speed  (in/s)


Drive way


Wheel base       (ft)


Total mass under full load  (Ib)





ISDe160-30(European Ⅲ)

Maximum power (hp)


Maximum torque (ft-lb)


Overall Size (ft)



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