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  Chassis: The chassis used on the truck is a FVZ34Q Ⅱ chassis. The engine is a 6HK1-TC water-cooled electrical spray diesel engine with a power output of 256HP that meets European III emissions standards. The computer-controlled pedal throttle is equipped with advanced performance. The suspension and adjustable seats are installed in the ample cab to improve comfort. The chassis load capacity is so high that its full-load mass can reach 47399lb, and with 6×4 drive, it has great cruise performance.
 Carriage: This is made from a steel framework and the deck inside the cabin is made of straight grain stainless steel plate with withholding technology. The carriage body has undergone an insulating process and the whole unit has undergone polyurethane foaming treatment, and it is also installed with a COLEMAN ceiling-mounted cold-warm air-conditioner imported from the USA for a comfortable working environment. The outside deck is covered with oxidation aluminum after sand-blasting treatment. The surface is coated with imported Dupont paint so that perfect performance can be permanently maintained in severe environments. The engine’s exhaust pipe is made of stainless steel and reconstructed onto the rear parts of the cab so that the exhaust is pointed in an upward direction.
 Transmission System: The transmission box is a power take-off end with an output torque of 258lb.ft. The hydraulic system adopts a looped-circulation system with volume variation speed stepless adjustment. The main elements use world renowned hydraulic part manufacturers’ products. The system is equipped with safety valves and the pressure can be adjusted at will. In addition, it has tension protection and overload protection. The gear-box reducer and double-shift gearbox are originally assembled in USA, allowing for a wide speed regulation range and neutral shift.. This makes it applicable for all kinds of working conditions in logging. Its minimum speed can be lower than 98.4ft/h so as to meet super low-speed working requirements.
 Drawworks: Its drum is cast with full-anti-magnetic steel, and dynamic balance tests have been done after machining and heat treatment. Its brake system is a double-chamber spring brake cylinder which belongs to a belt brake and can be operated pneumatically. Its framework is welded by high-grade seamless rectangular pipes and is firmly connected to the subsidiary beam to ensure advanced performance, safety and reliability.
 Rope Guider Device: The upper rope guide is hydraulically controlled. With hydraulic power, it is convenient for operation. This system also has a servo-buffering function so that it is convenient and reliable for operation.
 Electrical System: This system can be independently powered by an imported diesel generator, hydraulic generator or external power. One, two or three power supply systems can be used synchronously as required to meet the requirements of different electrical devices.
 Auxiliary System: Instrument racks utilize an airbag and mechanical clamping according to a user’s requirements. It is also equipped with overhead sheaves, winding wheels and other devices. The operation cabinet can also provide a working table, sofa, sleepers and other facilities according to the users’ requirements.






Hoisting Capacity(Ibf)


Hoisting Speed (in/s)


Chassis model


Drive way


Overall size (ft)


Wheel base       (ft)






Power (hp)


Maximum torque (ft-lb)


Truck mass  (Ib)


Total mass  (Ib)



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