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  Chassis: The chassis is the class II type MANTGA 33.350 (Europe III). The imported German MAN D2066 LF03 diesel engine has a strong power output, which can reach 340HP. Its cab is broad, comfortable with double-layer sleeper and air suspension adjustable seats. The gearbox is a synchronous auto gear-shift type, and the chassis load capacity is so high that its allowable total mass under full load can reach 72751lb. With ABS and ASR intelligent control, the brake system is safe and reliable. This type of truck is the optimum choice for super-deep logging work in domestic oil fields.
 Drawworks: 26000ft single drawworks or 23000ft double drawworks can be installed(the small drawworks uses hydraulic elevation which is convenient for operation. Its drum is cast and welded with full-anti-magnetic steel, and dynamic balance tests have been done after machining and heat treatment. Its drive is stable and reliable. Its brake system is a double--belt pneumatic control brake. The tension overload automatic brake device is installed to ensure safety. Its framework is welded using high-grade seamless rectangular tubes and firmly connected with the subsidiary beam to ensure advanced performance, safety and reliability of the whole unit.
 Transmission System: The main hydraulic system and hydraulic generator drive are controlled separately and individually. The power of the main system comes from the engine via full-power driving devices. Its output torque can reach 1106lb.ft with plenty of power for easy operation. The hydraulic system utilizes closed-circulation loop operation, which can realize a bulky stepless speed adjustment. The pneumatic control and large torque transmission box are made in China and are used as the main unit of the hydraulic chain transmission system, which is applicable for deep-well logging operation. The product has reliable performance with an overloading auto-stop system installed for the drawworks to ensure safe running of the equipment. The W16T hydraulic shift gearbox imported from the USA is utilized for full hydraulic system which has a large speed-adjusting scope and neutral shift. The two drive ways are applicable in all kinds of working conditions for logging operations. Its minimum speed can be lower than 98.4ft/h so as to meet super-low-speed working requirements. The hydraulic generator is driven by the power output end on the gearbox side.
 Carriage: The carriage is constructed from a steel framework and the deck inside the operation cabin is made of straight-vein stainless steel plate. After polyurethane foaming treatment, the carriage body has excellent heat conservation performance and it is installed with a ceiling air-conditioner imported from the USA. The operation table and toolbox are made of 5700 steel and provide a comfortable environment. The drawworks cabin floor is made of 0.15in waved-type aluminum plate, underneath which are strong and durable steel sheets. The outside deck is also installed with aluminum plate which has been treated by the processes of oxidation sand-blasting; the surface is coated with imported Dupont paint so that perfect performance can be permanently maintained in severe environments.
 Rope Guider Device: The upper rope guide is hydraulically controlled. With hydraulic power and an imported control valve, it is convenient for operation. This system has a servo-buffering function so that it is convenient and reliable for operation.
 Electrical System (110V/220V): this system is equipped with a HARRISON hydraulic generator, imported diesel generator and external power which can supply power individually or synchronously to meet the requirements of different electrical devices. The lighting installed on the wellhead can be self-rotated so as to ensure a safe driving environment and convenient logging operation.
 Auxiliary System: Instrument racks have been equipped with rollers with an airbag structure for convenient use.




Hoisting Capacity (Ibf)


Hoisting Speed  (in/s)


Transmission way

PTO+Hydraulic system+

Planetary gear-box reducer

Chassis model

MAN TGA 33.350

Drive way


Overall size (ft)


Wheel base(ft)





1.1.MAN D2066 LF03

Power (hp)


Maximum torque (ft-lb)


Truck mass  (Ib)


Total mass  (Ib)



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