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  Chassis: The chassis used on the truck is a Dong Feng EQ1126KJ1 chassis with a power output of 158HP. It conforms to Europe III emissions standards and uses a 4×2 drive with excellent cruise performance. This type of truck is the optimum choice for auxiliary devices of testing work in domestic oil fields.
 Carriage: The vehicle has a streamlined coach appearance, which is elegant and beautiful. The double-cabin layout contains ample and comfortable space, high-grade luxury and durable interior decoration materials. Its cab can hold 5-6 persons, and is equipped with a drinking machine. The rear cabin is configured with 8 tilting coaches, a microwave stove, a working bench, a toolbox, a first-aid box and an airbag-clamping instrument rack. The cab is simple and beautiful with COLEMAN DC truck-mounted & ceiling dual-function air-conditioners imported from the USA. Both front and rear cabins are equipped with luxurious fans on the ceiling. The individual fuel heaters can also be used to meet working requirements in cold areas. The ceiling can be equipped with a DC truck-mounted air conditioner for a comfortable environment in the summer. The whole vehicle is compact in layout.
 Special Devices: Special devices include instrument racks and tank fixing devices. The instrument racks can be placed with several units of Φ1.7-6 in instruments with a maximum length of 21ft. The tank fixing device can be configured according to the users’ requirements.
 Electrical System: DC power on the chassis can be used to provide power for DC devices, and we can also use external AC power which can be equipped with display and electrical circuit protection devices to supply power to all auxiliary facilities in the vehicle.
 Color: Its color can be determined according to users’ requirements and interests.

Product model


Chassis Type


Drive way


Wheel base       (ft)


Maximum total weight (Ib)






Maximum power (hp)


Maximum torque (Ibf.ft)


Overall Size (ft)


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