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 It consists of mechanical drive and electrical drive offshore drilling rig.
Main features:
 By using diesel engines and a hydraulic transmission box to drive the drawworks and rotary table, the mechanical drive offshore drilling rig can achieve high transmission efficiency. The electrical drive offshore drilling rig normally uses one or several DC or AC motors to drive the drawworks. In addition, it is also equipped with a motor for operation of the auto driller; the rotary table is driven by an AC motor independently, and the mud pump is driven by one or several AC or DC motors. The system control uses MCC/SCR or MCC/VFD all-digital modules.
 This rig can be moved both in longitudinal and transverse directions to meet cluster-well drilling requirements on the platform. We have taken the following requirements of convenience, safety and availability into full consideration: fire extinguishing, BOP system, mud supply, cementing supply, air supply, stream supply, and sea water and fresh water supply. It also meets the requirements of easy installation, dismantling and maintenance.
 Modularization can be realized in all the following parts of the drilling rig: rig floor, drawworks, mast, basement, mud pump system, solid control system, and auxiliary system with a high level of modularization.
 The drawworks uses single drum drawworks, and the main brake is a disc brake mechanism (single disc or double disc)
 The derrick is tower-type or has a multi-section telescoping structure, which can be hydraulically rigged up and rigged down.
 This rig has high reliability, strong wind-resistant ability and excellent seawater corrosion resistant performance. In addition, its explosion-proof capability also meets offshore drilling requirements.
 Something is designed for pollutions zero-discharge.
 The correlative ACS certificate, such as CCS, DNV, can be obtained according to the client’s requirements.
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