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  Professional end-user training
  We provide end-user with overall professional training. Training is divided into theory and practice. From the mechanical to electrical including installation and operation etc.
  Standardized installation and commissioning
  We set up quality system in every step of production, quality control, transportation, site installation and commissioning. Every step is detailed and standardized.
  Reliable life-time repair and part supply
  We provide life-time repair inside and outside warranty period. Timely replacement parts are also provided for the equipment.
  Provision of on-site treatment and operating directions
  We will dispatch expert and operator to site at the beginning of operation as requested to ensure that user can use the machine independently.
  Timely complaint feedback system
  We have a 24/7 customer service hotline. Every malfunction reported by user is responded within 24 hours to provide trouble-shooting instructions. If telephonic instruction is not sufficient to solve the problem expert will be sent on site to repair.
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