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  RG PETRO-MACHINERY (GROUP) CO. LTD is one of the key manufacturers of petroleum drilling equipment and services supplier in the World. We can provide 12 series of products in 200 kinds, including 1000m-9000m skid-mounted drilling rig, 1000m-4000m truck-mounted drilling rig, 1000m -4000m trailer-mounted drilling rig, all kinds work over rigs, offshore drilling/work over equipments,  petroleum special vehicles, top drive drilling equipments, mud pumps, hoisting and rotary drilling equipments and related spare parts, etc. We can supply the drilling and work over services for onshore and offshore oil & gas fields.

  The products made in RG with API, ISO, CE, ATEX, DNV, TUV, GOST certificates and international standards. We hope we can be your permanent supplier by providing advance drilling equipment with the best drilling services solutions.


  RG PETRO-MACHINERY (GROUP) CO. LTD. was named No.2 Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Plant of National Petroleum Industrial Ministry of China, reformed from state-owned enterprise to a limited liability company. RG PETRO-MACHINERY (GROUP) CO., LTD. is National Technical Equipment Production Base, Light-duty Drilling Rigs Production Base, National Innovative Enterprise, National High and New Technology Enterprise, State Torch Plan Key New-and High-tech Enterprise, National New Product Trial Production, Top One Hundred Enterprise of Independent Innovation in China, Top Ten Enterprise of Petroleum Equipment in China, Henan Province Petroleum Drilling Equipment Export Base and Henan Province Top Twenty Enterprise of Patent Application, and a member of IADC. RG PETRO-MACHINERY (GROUP) CO., LTD. has set up a standard drafting department for national mobile drilling equipment, exclusive state-level technical center in the industry, exclusive academic working station in the industry and the first postdoctoral scientific research working station, etc.

  Our products cover 12 series with over 200 kinds, including truck-mounted drilling rigs, skid-mounted drilling rigs, trailer-mounted drilling rigs, work over rigs, logging equipments, etc. Especially, RG PETRO-MACHINERY (GROUP) CO., LTD. firstly proposed an idea for portable drilling equipments with characteristic of quick-carrying and operation automation in China, and put it into the development of portable drilling equipments. RG PETRO-MACHINERY (GROUP) CO,. LTD. developed the first 3000m truck-mounted drilling rig in China and was awarded the state-level second-class award of advance science and technology, awarded the national recognition with the Shenzhou V Spacecraft, and the award is the highest science and technology award in the petroleum equipments industry till now. 4000m truck-mounted drilling rig and 4000m trailer-mounted drilling rig developed by RG PETRO-MACHINERY (GROUP) CO., LTD. is the largest self-propelled drilling equipment in the worldwide, with high-competitive in the international market, providing the advanced drilling equipment for factory drilling.

  RG PETRO-MACHINERY (GROUP) CO., LTD. is committed to study the unconventional oil and gas equipment, and oil and gas exploration equipment under special environment such as offshore, desert, shallow, rainforest and cold weather (polar region). At the same time, mechanization and intellectualization of equipment are improved and developed continuously. Fully hydraulic CBM rig was developed by RG GROUP, which filled in a technology gap in China. RG developed the cold weather drilling rigs that can adapts to the 45℃ to -60℃ temperature, the series of drilling rig are exported to high-end market such as Russia and Canada.  To meet the requirement of the special tailor-made, RG PETRO-MACHINERY (GROUP) CO., LTD. firstly developed the helicopter portable drilling rig to be suitable in tropical rain forest environment. The truck-modular rigs and free-standing drilling rigs can meet the different requirements from the customer.

  The company is supplying the logging and cementing technology and the oil & gas services and to be best international advanced integration oil & gas equipments manufacture and services supplier.



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